Add Rigour to your Career Success Dream with Great Mentors

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Neeru Gupta, Published on Feb 6th, 2023
Yugma Mentor - HR and Organizational Behavior

Add Rigour to your Career Success Dream with Great Mentors

The transition from Campus to Corporate has always been a life altering and memorable journey. In those initial years of formation, we eagerly look forward to bagging a job offer, a PPO (pre-placement offer) or a PPI (pre-placement internship).

While struggling individually as a naive person stepping out into the corporate world, there is a very high probability of losing direction, falling into pitfalls, confusion in choosing career path, getting demotivated with your career choice, dealing with stress and anxiety and so on. As young energetic B-school students, one tends to get trapped in taking this as a natural learning phenomenon.

Have you been trapped in such a myth? It’s time to break this spell around you and take responsibility of not just your career choice, but also your pathway to succeed in that career. If any such thing would be possible, wouldn’t each B-school student avail this as part of their journey towards reaching their career goals and destination.

The paradox of the situation is that it is possible and very much within our reach. As students, we focus on course curriculum and studies, learning and grades, internships and placement offers. In the whole process, we have been quite ignorant on choosing a mentorship plan for our success.

**What is a Mentorship Plan?**

A mentor is a person who is dedicated and committed to their mentee’s (your) growth and development over a long term. These mentors do not work with their mentees on a daily basis but they are competent in providing guidance and are available to provide knowledge, support, instructions as and when required.

These mentors will charge their fees and hence either people are ignorant about availing their services or they feel the charges as high and somewhat unnecessary. You may find mentors online or via various apps available in the Play Store / App Store. Mentorship Plan, as available on YUGMA app is an economical yet effective way to seek guidance for your Campus to Career needs.

Now let’s look at some advantages of choosing your mentor early i.e., while still being on campus.

**Enhanced Academic Excellence.** You have already been making up for your academics. Mentors steer the application of knowledge gained in the classroom. This helps you translate the learning from life experiences into opportunities. It also enhances your exposure in projects, and helps you develop interest in the use of libraries and research material. This brings deeper learning of the subject and hence academic excellence.

**Develops skills, capability, values and attitude.** The mentor-mentee relationship may sound professional but it has a much deeper impact on the overall personality of the mentee. It goes beyond the objective of association. As it is highly interactive, there is exchange of thoughts, ideas, cultures etc. which exposes them to a strong value system, positive attitude, trust and compassion, patience, listening, communication and a lot more. This development helps the mentee adopt an open-minded approach and thoughtfulness. This exposure to different scenarios also equips them to excel in roles and responsibilities which aid to their future career growth.

**Creating Your Professional Network.** We all learn things at some point in life. Mentorship approach can help you not only connect with their professional network, but it allows you to gain knowledge, assess your skills and interests and simultaneously work upon your own network so that with little guidance you are able to steer your career in your desired direction. These professional networks may also cater to your PIP / PPO / SIP / job requirement. This will also help you keep an eye on upcoming opportunities.

**Fast track growth and learning.** A mentor-mentee relationship may last your lifetime. It is a natural learning phenomenon to make blunders and learn. Sometimes it takes multiple blunders of the same type to actually grasp the learning out of it. In the safe company of your mentor, you get power-packed learning capsules from their personal as well as industry experiences. These casual sharing of stories can prevent you from making similar mistakes and blunders. This will expedite your learning and growth in life.

So, now that you know it’s your time to create the pathway which will add rigour to your career success dream, why not identify your great mentors and shape your career with confidence.

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