Do you need Placement Prep support? 5 Practical Tips to Pep Up Your Confidence for Cracking Interviews

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Neeru Gupta, Published on Feb 6th, 2023
Yugma Mentor - HR and Organizational Behavior

Do you need Placement Prep support? 5 Practical Tips to Pep Up Your Confidence for Cracking Interviews

Getting into a B-school and bagging an MBA degree is not enough, not anymore!! Then what else would be required to make the precious MBA degree worthwhile? Will I get Campus placement or not? Am I ready to step out from college and be at work?

This is a natural phenomenon to have such questions and doubts flash through sometimes till you get your dream Pre-Placement Offer. The process of campus placement and personal interviews can be stressful.

Let’s pull up our socks and get rolling with our placement preparation. Here are some quick tips for effective preparation.

**Brush up your course topics.** It is important to not underrate the course curriculum. It is the same focus on studies which helps you exceed expectations at work. Spend some time to brush up your studies and prepare well before the interview session.

**Prepare yourself mentally for the Interview.** To prepare yourself mentally for the personal interview, you can make a list of a few important questions an interviewer can ask. Spend some time in preparing their answers, rehearsing the answers to make them come naturally. Trust yourself for your calibre and trust the interviewer for their intentions of helping you.

**Know the Employer.** Many times, we are so engrossed in ourselves about how we will perform and what impression will we cast on the interviewer, that we sparingly have our focus on what they expect from us to know about their organization, their vision and mission. Visit their website to know about the organization, their founders, and the business. Also take a moment to check their people’s profile on their website or even LinkedIn. In case you know the name of the person who would interview you or whom you would be reporting to, it will be beneficial to know them beforehand.

**Be prepared to ask questions.** We all have so many thoughts about the questions we will face and how we will answer those questions. In that process, we tend to forget the need to look at what we can ask if given an opportunity. Hence rather than going speechless or asking some vague questions, preparing some questions which will steer conversation and add value can be your win-win shot.

**Expand your horizons.** The above tips have done their task to get you interview ready. But yet the right attitude, eye contact, confidence, clear communication, behaviour and gestures towards others you come in contact with is as important as the interview itself. So, being yourself truly and naturally will add charisma to your personality and help you rock at the interview.

Yet, there are many online services to avail while preparing for your interview. At YUGMA, career experts have crafted a ‘Placement Prep Module’ which grooms you on all the aspects of campus selection, group discussion and personal interview. Why not explore the power-packed module to be sure of your placement in the upcoming interview!

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