Hitting the Bull’s Eye – Your Success with Campus Placement

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Meenu Bhatia, Published on Feb 6th, 2023
Co-Founder - YUGMA & VANS Skilling and Advisory| ACC Coach| HR Transformation Expert

Hitting the Bull’s Eye – Your Success with Campus Placement

Education especially the higher education has been considered to be the key to unlock high paying jobs and a flourishing career. Engineering and MBA has been the dazzling charm which attracts the major chunk from career growth prospects. And to add more weightage to your success roadmap, educational loans and foreign education are on a steep rise.  But here’s the reality check.

Nearly 27% of the engineers do not even clear a job interview for their first job. 90% of the MBA students sit for campus placements but the **employability ratio** is fairly low. Where did the glitter and spark disappear? Let’s recreate the problem statement before we can figure out practical tips for an effective Campus Placement.

**Problem Statement of Campus Placement**

Companies consider college campuses to be a good source of hiring talent. Recruiters are hopeful that their efforts will give better result and a committed, sincere talent to fill the position from college campus than any other talent hunt criteria. But the major concern lies with their technical skillset of performing specific tasks and the soft skills. Though says the most, but I believe the right attitude and aptitude of belongingness and ownership are required for problem solving and winning conversations, group discussions and placement interviews. So, let’s focus on what recruiters are looking for during an interview in a candidate and some ways in making you pass their expectations.

**Success Mantras with Campus Placements**

**The first impression.** The first impression is most crucial for any interaction, and the same is true for any campus placement interview. A well-dressed attire, confident body language, well-preparedness with copy of CV, just in case asked for, basic social etiquettes and presence of mind does the needful to begin with. All of this is seemingly simple and yet, it requires and should be given due attention and sincere practice to get the best outcome. A warm smile can be magical in this interview journey.

**The icebreaker question.** One should never underestimate the power of icebreaker questions. The most common and predictable one is, “Tell me about yourself?” It leaves the recruiter in utter disguise when the answer is delivered poorly. A vast majority of students either recite the summary by hearted from their CV already known to the recruiter. Others may start original but get silenced after a few sentences. Some are so animated like a pre-recorded delivery devoid of emotional connect. Thus, instead of breaking the ice and creating comfort, the beginning turns out to be the disappointing ending. Hence, prepare some basic questions with a personal touch and rehearse them well.

**Be well-prepared.** Don’t underrate the importance of having a campus interview lined up. Prior preparation for your campus interview will increase your chances of winning yourself this job. It requires researching about the company which enhances clarity and confidence. This also allows you to add company-specific information while answering some interview questions. Sometimes, you may face a direct question like, “Have you visited our company website?”. Also, your resume should be apt to represent you as a good fit for the applied position. Moreover, be ready with some smart questions that you can ask if given an opportunity.

**The parting gesture.** No matter how you attempted during the whole interview process, it is never too late to still make a difference and a good impression. You got extremely nervous, you did not deliver what you had prepared, and so on. The truth is, you don’t really know what the interview was searching for and may be they have got that in you. So, the best way is to use a confident handshake with a parting note and a pinch of enthusiasm as your charisma. Express your genuine thanks and you could add one specific point of either appreciation or learning to give a personal touch to this connect. In case you do not hear back from them, you could try to get in touch with them or the coordinator with a thank-you note and your interest.

**Being truthful and attentive.** Lastly, contents mentioned on the CV, academic achievements, skills etc. can be very identical for a vast majority. A time-tested success mantra lies in being truthful wherever you are stuck, and staying away from boasting about yourself. Another quality that keeps you ahead of competition is by paying full attention to what the recruiter is saying. This will help you understand the intention of the question and making your replies appropriate and effective. In case you are not clear, do not hesitate to ask them to rephrase the question. A more effective way is to rephrase it yourself and seek their approval and then answer candidly.

Is it the fault of our education system if one fails in campus interview? Or is it something that a student can do to ensure their employability? In either case, it’s better to take a confident leap towards the first step in your career than to look for flaws in the system.  In case you wish to prepare yourself with mock interviews or seek specialized assistance for placement preparation, you may check some services at YUGMA App which are specially designed to enhance employability of B-school students.

It’s your time to hit the Bull’s Eye and succeed with your Campus Placement interview quest.

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