How To Achieve A Right Career Fulfillment?

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Meenu Bhatia, Published on Feb 6th, 2023
Co-Founder - YUGMA & VANS Skilling and Advisory| ACC Coach| HR Transformation Expert

How To Achieve A Right Career Fulfillment?

I am sure we all had set a career plan and how we wanted to evolve in it. One year and again, our lives are being affected by a second lockdown because of the deadly spread of COVID-19. Life has become monotonous and we have somewhat accepted this repetitive life as well. Are you wondering to find fulfilment in your respective professional life? **Are you willing to bring some excitement to your career? Well, if your answer is a YES! Then the right time is now!**

And to start with, you should look for a routine change. Break the routine and look for extra courses, training, certifications, **[case study competitions](** or maybe network and interact more with new people. These are the opportunities that you should not miss, as they will help you grow personally and professionally.

The second step is to have absolute faith and belief in yourself. Set some goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. To evaluate your goals, write down every step and the completion time. Noting it down shall help in reiterating the importance and making it easy to achieve.

Thirdly, Do not resist the new normal. Embrace the change! Hours of sitting and taking online classes are not at all appealing. Let’s not forget as per the new normal, technology is what everyone relies upon. Set timers to take breaks from looking at the screen, take time to do extra activities at home or take up online courses in between your busy schedule. Find ways to limit screentime and also make the most of it.

Remind yourself of the work that you do and how you can make it better. Even if it’s an **[internship](** or a part-time job, remember why you do this job. Get more aware of the positive and negative outcomes that you create. Do not worry about the future. Do not worry and overthink about the opportunities that can come your way. Instead, accept the uncertainty, stay calm and focus on what you want in your career and life. Put in all your efforts and time on it. Reduce the mundanity and make your job more enthusiastic and meaningful.

Lastly, The progressions that have happened in 2020 are radical and are irreversible. Nonetheless, even though it somewhat is overpowering, have the confidence in your ability to adjust to change and flourish in any conditions that come your way. **You have got this!**

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